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Jesusita's Salsa Fresca
413 N. Euclid Ave. Cimarron, NM 87714
(575) 376-2690

Jesusita’s Salsa Fresca is made with fresh ingredients that bring out the true taste of New Mexico. This Salsa started with a New Mexico tradition of sharing with neighbors, friends and relatives. It is now brought to you by popular request of the many that have tasted this authentic New Mexico Salsa over the years and have asked that we produce this Salsa commercially. We are proud to finally offer this New Mexico tradition for your enjoyment. Jesusita’s Salsa Fresca is tastefully delicious …”with just the right kick”… as described by many that have tasted it and is available to be shipped from our home to yours by the case of twelve 16 ounce jars, six 16 ounce jars or a minimum order of four 16 ounce jars. It is only available in “medium hot”. Jesusita’s Salsa Fresca, LLC was established in January of 2015 and is a family owned business that was founded on the premise that producing a quality product is first and foremost. The Salsa recipe was meticulously perfected over the years since 1985 and the Salsa was enjoyed by many. We are located in the Northeastern New Mexico Community of historic Cimarron, New Mexico, which is situated where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. In the 1800s Cimarron was a prominent landmark along the historic Santa Fe Trail and was very much a part of the “old west”. Jesusita’s Salsa Fresca, LLC was established by founder and President Sherrill Lopez. Sherrill is all around “boss lady” and takes time and makes every effort to see that a quality product is always delivered. Sherrill’s husband, Ernie Lopez is in charge of Operations for Jesusita’s Salsa Fresca, LLC and has managed a private business since 1980. Lance Lopez, Ernie and Sherrill’s son serves as Vice President in charge of Marketing and Sales and has experience in both the public and private sectors.

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