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Koo-Weh Cookies
81 Pueblo Rd San Felipe, NM 87001
(505) 321-5885

Koo-Weh Cookies, home of sweet cookies, captures your taste buds in our custom home baked sugar cookies. Koo-Weh in my Native American language, Keres, means "sweet." Sugar cookies have evolved over the years and have become a baker's art canvas. Details topping the cookies capture people's attention, however, it is the canvas that I have perfected to provide you the richest of flavors. Every batch of dough is made from scratch and every single cookie is decorated by hand with a delicious soft bite royal icing. Each cookie has a story, your story. We are here to help tell those stories and create smiles for the special events in your life. Koo-Weh Cookies was presented with an elite award for "Best Favors" in 2021 by the New Mexico Wedding Collective. We look forward to taking your custom order or seeing you at pop-up events around Albuquerque. Let's put a little Koo-Weh-ness into your life!

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