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Kym Loc
3222 Del Rio Rd. SW Albuquerque, NM 87105

I first started creating my paintings to not only encourage myself but anyone who see's my work, to find that inner strength to empower themselves through life's journey. The tree's I paint represent the strong beauty we build with every relationship that comes our way, whether it nourishes our roots or shines from above. They are designed to make you know that you are not alone and you have strength that you didn’t realize you have to be a survivor of life’s challenges. My hope is that the feeling in my soul travels to you and touches your heart, your being and gives you confidence, strength, and motivation to climb the food chain of life and find your true authentic self. I use acrylic paint to include metallic, neon, latex, and some collections have multi media such as metal and acrylic add ons. I paint on 100% Cotton Archival Quality 10oz. which is stretched over professional frame construction beveled stretcher bars. The canvas sides are painted so there is no need for the artwork to be framed but can be professionally framed. Each piece has a protective flexible coating for easy maintenance. All art works are original and also are accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity which increases the value of your investment. My signature is on the front and back of the canvas to add to the authenticity. All images are protected, trademarked and under copyright protection.