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L. Martin Pavletich Studio

L. Martin Pavletich grew up in northern New Mexico. There, inspired by the works of his mother, herself an accomplished artist, Pavletich learned, from an early age, to observe and appreciate the qualities inherent in a good painting. \n\n Oil and soft pastel are his preferred media. Although, as a representational artist, he has concentrated on landscapes, Martin has not hesitated to portray a variety of other subjects in still lifes, animal studies, and portraits. He begins each work with an accurate drawing, but after that his process is instinctive. The rejection of overly-prescribed formulas for colors, values, and other elements results in works that are unique and not complacent. In describing his passion for art, Martin avoids overused cliches about deep spiritual and emotional inspiration, but says "I paint because I love it! If I've successfully portrayed what has piqued my interest, then chances are good that a viewer will react favorably to my paintings. I learn something from every piece I do and constantly strive to improve my work." Martin stresses that observation is the key to his success. He also describes himself as a "colorist". "When people see my work they comment about how bright and bold my colors are. I tell them I'm blessed because that's the way I see the world!" \n\n Martin paints and displays his work in a circa 1915 building in downtown Cimarron that he and his wife Linda renovated over a one-and-a-half year period. It has a spacious studio area with 16-foot high ceilings and large north-facing windows which emit ideal light. "I've had several nationally acclaimed artists visit my space and comment that it is one of the best studios they've ever seen. The beautiful working environment definitely helps nurture the creative process." \n\n Martin has participated in several national and international shows and his work is in numerous private and corporate collections around the world. He also had the honor of being the first American artist to be selected for a three-month artist-in-residence program in Switzerland in 2002. A work resulting from that trip was featured in the December 2005/January 2006 issue of International Artist magazine.