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Land Eagle Gallery
PO Box 3046 Taos Pueblo, NM NM

Land Eagle Gallery opened its doors in the fall of 2007 in the Historic Taos Pueblo Plaza Taos, New Mexico, with the sold purpose of representing the Contemporary Fine Art of selected Native Taos Pueblo Artists and regional Native American Artists. \n\nThe gallery began with the intention of self representation and promotion of work by Gary J. Lujan, who formally signs his work as Land Eagle. Land Eagles work has been highly sought after by many collectors throughout the country, as well as having a strong reach into the international market. His work collected by many, in places such as Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, The Hague and into the Far East of Tokyo, Japan. \n\nThis wonderful endeavour of self promotion, then sprouted into the idea of also representing the arts by fellow members of Taos Pueblo and Regional Native American Artists such as award winning clay sculpture artist Sharon Dryflower, photographer, Bruce Gomez, and award winning, SWAI Fellow Ira Lujan also, Robert Marcus glass artist from San Juan Pueblo. \n\nTo round up our list of artists, we have the work of Carl Winters (Sioux) native whose works represent the surreal and mystical elements of the Great Plains. Also from the Commanche Nation, the renowned works of Nocona Burgess who is the Great-Great Grandson of Quanah Parker.