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Leaf & Hive
1208 Mercantile Rd., Suite A Santa Fe, NM 87507
North Central
(505) 699-3055

At Leaf & Hive, we specialize in a drink we call Honeybrew. It is an effervescent alcoholic tea brewed with authentic Jun culture, local honey, organic herbs and botanicals.

Cultured with beneficial probiotics for gut health and overall well{bee}ing, the buzz is healthy and uplifting - great for the gut and the spirit.

While Kombucha has taken off in recent years, its ancient sister culture, Jun, is rarely cultivated and studied in the west. Revered for 5,000 years in Tibet for its potent healing qualities, Jun contains the world’s most beneficial probiotics and creates a delicious alcoholic brew.

Our Honeybrew has a flavor and feeling unlike any alcohol we’ve ever tasted. From the delicate taste to the inspired inebriation, it just feels different.

Modern drinking culture can feel heavy and unhealthy. It can shut people down. Honeybrew opens people up.

The Honeybrew buzz is healthy, creative, sophisticated and uplifting. As experts in the art of Jun, we aim to spread knowledge of this ancient health wonder while providing cultured good times.

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