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140 Bridge Street, PO Box 2603 Las Vegas

Arts and culture have always been valued here, and the present board of directors manages the affairs of the association and keeps the gallery open five days a week along with part-time staff and many wonderful volunteers. Our advisory board is composed of members who bring a variety of backgrounds, professions, and interests to the table. We are the result of generations of effort that was formally incorporated in 1976, recognized as legally tax-exempt in 1977 and chartered by the City of Las Vegas in 1991. LVAC opened Gallery 140 in order to showcase two and three person invitational art exhibits and provide occasional themed group exhibits. Monthly meet-the-artist receptions and frequent music salons draw the community into the Gallery and connect them with the Arts Council. We have fiscal sponsorship agreements with the Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, The Nat Gold Players, and the Pendaries Art League, all local organizations that serve the arts and culture community, and need the support of an established 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization to fulfill their purpose. We are open to proposals from organizations seeking sponsorship. Our mission is to promote ALL the arts–visual and performing arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, and all aspects of the culture of our community, diverse and historical, past, present and future. All suggestions and proposals are for “new adventures down old trails” of expression are welcome.