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Marianne Hornbuckle -Preston/Hornbuckle Fine Art

A professional artist for thirty years, Marianne Hornbuckle has lived in an old adobe north of Santa Fe in Pojoaque for twenty-five years, with her husband, sumi-e artist, William Preston. Their home/studio/gallery lies off Hwy.502 to Los Alamos, and they do welcome visitors. She says of her current work, "Manipulating color excites me. Transparent, translucent and opaque colors combine to create surprises. Overlapping shapes reveal juxtapositions expressing new color possibilities. Surfaces present layers of drifting color, bright accents and subtle texture. My paintings and monotypes with simple lines, uncluttered design, and limited palette, have an expressive meditative quality. The work, though Western in color use, has a spare Eastern aesthetic."