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Mud Hub LLC
418 Cerrillos Road, #147 Santa Fe, NM 87501
North Central

The Enchanted Greenhouses come in several sizes. Each can be all-season or 3-season depending on the covering chosen. They are designed to meet the challenges of vegetable gardening presented by local environmental conditions. Standard features include easy-to-assemble 24" high raised redwood beds with lining for the inside and metal screening and weed barrier at the bottom. The roof is made of 16 gauge steel hoops, bent to the desired size of the unit. Netting allows rain to penetrate the structure and water plants, while optional 2-layer polyethylene covers the unit in the winter. An access screen door allows for easy entry. One can chose from a variety of features such as water emitters and a programmable drip system, assorted covers, custom poly panel doors with redwood frames and installation.