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Mujeres Valley Campground
11 Mujeres Valley Rd Fence Lake, NM 87315
(505) 433-1181

Mujeres Valley Campground dedicates all its works to creating a safe and welcoming space and community for all people of color. Our secluded area of Cibola County has a limited number of BIPOC safe spaces and MVC prides ourselves on being one of the first! We are located within 10 miles of the Continental Divide. Most of the divide runs along the rest of the Rocky Mountains, through British Columbia and along the British Columbia-Alberta border in Canada, and through the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico!

MVC is a 20-acre sustainable & cannabis-friendly campground that is tucked up against large private properties owned by the owners and Bureau of Land Management land. There are open spaces, private spaces and community spaces available on the grounds with walkways outlined in ancient trees and volcanic rocks. The property is filled with amazing finds like pottery, crystals and volcanic rock mounds that lift you to some of the most beautiful views of the surrounding areas! This area is a remote subdivision with plenty of open land to set up a tent or small camper, enjoy hiking on our private mountain and experience nature all around you.

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