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New Mexico Golf Destinations
New Mexico Golf Destinations, P.O. Box 6697 Albuquerque, NM NM

New Mexico Golf Destinations, featuring detailed information on some of the best, most affordable golf in the United States, is the ideal place to begin your New Mexico golf vacation.\nThe site contains short narrated videos, photos and detailed descriptions, prices and directions to more than 20 top courses, plus an alphabetical listing for all 80 New Mexico courses.\nNew Mexico Golf Destinations also contains photos, price ranges and descriptions of 18 lodging establishments, from extended-stay hotels to B&Bs to luxury resorts. All lodgers are specially schooled in catering to the needs of golf tourists.\nAt New Mexico Golf Destinations, you'll find driving times, weather information, data on the effects of altitude, sun and low humidity, plus things to do off the course.\nHow affordable is golf in New Mexico? A 5-star Golf Digest-rated golf course costs less than $100; most are in the $30-$70 range.\nNew Mexico Golf Destinations was created by the nonprofit New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance, in cooperation with the editors of Sun Country Golf, the state's leading golf magazine. Its motto is "By Golfers. For Golfers."\nWith great golf weather more than eight months of the year, highly rated courses, low greens fees and a lack of crowds, New Mexico is an emerging golf destination whose secret won't keep much longer.\nIf you're looking for a new golf challenge, come play New Mexico. If you're a golfer and planning a New Mexico trip, you absolutely must bring your clubs.