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Onward Fest 2012 TFIA
10 Main Street Clayton

Trout's infectious mix of folk/pop & family music is enriched by the diverse influences of reggae, Latin, blues, jazz & classical music. TFIA recordings have garnered 3 National Indie Awards and multiple Parents Choice Gold & American Library Awards as well as 4 Grammy nominations. TFIA has toured in over 40 states & several Canadian provinces. Sharing knowledge and encouraging art is a mission of TFIA. In the past few years they have developed a variety of song writing workshops for teachers and students which illustrate how art and music come from the fabric of everyday life. Their willingness to make fun of our most annoying and sometimes disgusting habits in one song, then touch our hearts with tender and passionate images of family life in the next is what makes the connection between TFIA and their audience so real. TFIA was named among the Top 100 Most Influential Independent Artists in the past 15 years. •4 Grammy nominations •3 Indie Awards from the Association For Independent Music •multiple Parents Choice Gold & Silver Awards •American Library Awards •multiple Gold National Parenting Publications Awards •Performing Songwriters’ ”Top 100 most influential independent artists” •Kerrville Music Awards ?Duo of the Year 1993,1994 and 1995 ?Hall of Fame Induction for “Duo of the Year” 1996 ?Children’s Entertainers of the Year 1994,1995,1996,1997 ?Best Independent Release Reel Life 1996 •AACE Children’s Entertainment Awards Best Musical Group 1996