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3453 State Highway 14 Santa Fe, NM 87010
North Central
(505) 471-4688

Origami means “folding paper” in Japanese. Origami in the Garden is an outdoor exhibition, created by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box that captures the delicate nature of this paper art form in museum-quality sculptures. Discover what can be folded from a single piece of paper: soaring birds, gliding airplanes, galloping ponies, floating boats, and emerging butterflies. The exhibition features Box's own compositions and collaborations with origami artists Tim Armijo, Te Jui Fu, Beth Johnson, Michael G. LaFosse, and Robert J. Lang. In 2019, the Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden, south of Santa Fe, is hosting the monumental collection of sculptures. This private residence is nestled in the Little Garden of the Gods on Highway 14, a National Scenic Byway. With towering rock formations encompassing the three-acre garden, visitors meander through a distinct southwest landscape, discovering sculptures along the way.

OrigamiintheGarden Exhibition at the Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden May 27th - October 14th 2019, 9:30am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Tours daily M-F at 9:45am 9:45am $5 per person

We are open on weekends except two weekends during the Cerrillos-Madrid Studio Tour weekends, October 5-6, 12-13, visitors can go behind the scenes, capturing a glimpse into the artist’s process in the studio.

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