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~Treatments~\n\nLuna De La Rosas Signature Treatment\n\nRelax into yourself as you release all your stress and tension, in this light touch, energy and color infused session\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n\nOxygen Therapy & Chair Massage\n\nRelieve tension in your Neck, Back and shoulders. Includes Aroma therapy Add $10 more for infused energy treatment\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\nHeadache, Sinus & Allergy Relief\n\nSpecial integrative session, fast effective and lasting, Includes Oxygen Therapy\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\nOxygen Therapy with Hand & Foot Reflexology\n\nThis Treatment is concentrating on each hand & foot to release tension of all pressure points of the body\n\nFive min. on each hand & foot- 20 min $30\n\nTen min. On each hand & foot- 40 min $50\n\n15 min. on each hand & foot- 60 min $70\n\n \n\nHeart Connection\n\nStrengthen your heart to the rhythm of your soul in this session as you open to light infusion; you will find it easy to connect to universal love. This new vibration will allow you to enhance your relationship with yourself and all others,\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\nGrief & Forgiveness Ceremony\n\nLet go of old sadness and fear that has accumulated in your body; acknowledging the pain of the past sets you free\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\n Woman's Wisdom Initiation\n\nBalancing of the heart and womb, synchronizing the energies together allows you to access your own innate wisdom.\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\n \n\nBelly Bliss\n\nUndigested and unresolved emotions lead to chronic digestive issues. This session will allow you to relax and accept your emotions and make room for unconditional self love. Connect with your core self and allow new life to come in.\n\n20 min $35\n\n40 min $55\n\n60 min $75\n\n \n\nIon Foot Detox\n\nImmerse your feet into a warm foot bath and melt your tension away while you Increases vitality, balance meridians, cleanse & detox your body. Increases vitality, balances meridians, cleanses & detoxifies, reduces & alleviates pain, decreases irritability, energizes, improves joint function, enhances metabolism, improves sleep, supports immune system function, combats aging process\n\n30 min $30\n\n40 min $40\n\n60 min $60\n\nFull Body Massage\n\nRelax in total bliss as your tension and stress melt away. We customize each massage according to your bodies needs. Add $20 more for infused energy treatment\n\n30 min $50\n\n60 min $80\n\n90 min $120\n\n \n\nOxygen Therapy\n\nOxygen is Essential to life. The air we breathe contains less