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Piñon Coffee House (Anaheim)
4545 Alameda Blvd NE, Suite i Albuquerque

New Mexico Piñon Coffee has become a staple in the community for past 20 years. Now we’ve taken piñon coffee to the next level by offering a bright, clean space where you can be productive. With plenty of electrical outlets, unique specialty coffee drinks, and a simple straight-forward menu, you are sure to enjoy your experience. You can visit Albuquerque without having a taste of piñon coffee! Our dark piñon coffee is the base for all of our specialty drinks at the coffee house. Our signature smooth, nutty flavor was inspired by the piñon nut found here in the Southwest. Don't hesitate to try other local favorites such as Biscochito and Mexican Spiced Chocolate, or even an Albuquerque Fog! At the Piñon Coffee House: • EVERY frozen or iced drink is created with coffee ice so your drink is never diluted • Try our “sip ready” coffee, which is hot coffee poured over coffee ice lowering it 20-30 degrees • You can order any flavor in sugar-free • We created the Albuquerque Fog (a PCH exclusive), our twist on the classic London Fog • Add extra flavoring to your drink for no charge • You will feel confident that the drink you are ordering is the exact drink you want!