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230 Plaza Las Vegas

Generations of artists and art lovers have called Las Vegas home and drawn visitors from around the world. The Las Vegas Arts Council’s mission preserves, protects, and promotes the culture that encourages them all. Nacho Jaramillo was born in nearby Anton Chico, New Mexico. Nacho calls his artwork "manchas" because the technique he uses involves a "smearing," whether done with his thumbs or with sand paper. The medium he utilizes is tempera and brush on paper and panel. Some of his art are portraits or character studies of Chicano people, "Raza", which reflect his Native Hispanic heritage, with a certain gypsy influence. One of his main purposes is to capture emotions revealed in faces, an insight, so that people can sense or discover something in themselves. Nacho received his BA in Art Education K-12, at Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico. His work has shown recently in the Governor's Gallery at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Less than a block away, Gallery 140 (140 Bridge Street) has a revolving exhibit of local artists as well. Around the Plaza, down Bridge Street and beyond, there are more galleries, shops, restaurants, historic home, a museum, the Visitor’s Center at the Train Depot, and more, as well as the finest, friendliest community on the planet. Take a stroll, and experience new adventures down old trails.