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Puye Cliffs
State Road 30 & Santa Clara Canyon Rd. Espanola
North Central

Puye: Place where the rabbits gather is located near the base of the Jemez Mountain range and sits atop the Pajarito plateau. Puye is the ancestral home of the Santa Clara Pueblo people, the largest of several early settlements. Journey back in time approximately two thousand years and you will find the ancestors of Santa Clara Pueblo thriving here. Using material found on-site, they sculpted their homes from the soft volcanic rock. The mesa top offers a spectacular panoramic view of Northern New Mexico. As the population increased over time, Santa Clara Pueblo's ancestors slowly moved from Puye in to the Rio Grande Valley to cultivate new fields, allowing the community to flourish and grow.Today Santa Clara Pueblo is a modern community and its people diligently hold on to the time-honored traditions of Puye. Hunting, farming, traditional dances and the native language, Tewa remain a part of daily pueblo life. Santa Clara's early artistic traditions, often glimpsed through the design of a pottery shard, have evolved and are admired throughout the world. Puye's ancestors invite you to experience their incredible culture, both past and present.