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PVSP Museum
400 West Highway 9, Located at the intersection of Hwy's 9 & 11 in the Village of Columbus Columbus

Pancho Villa State Park also has several buildings remaining from the time of Pancho Villa’s 1916 raid, and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the 1902 U.S. Customs House, two adobe structures dating from the Camp Furlong-era, and the Camp Furlong Recreation Hall. The old Customs House is now the State Park visitor center, with exhibits describing the histories of Pancho Villa, the Columbus raid of 1916, and Pershing's Punitive Expedition On March 9, 1916 Camp Furlong was the headquarters of the 13th U.S. Cavalry under command of Colonel H. J. Slocum. At least three troops were present during the raid on Columbus by Pancho Villa's Villaistas. The hero of the day was Lt. Lucas of the machine gun troop, who while barefoot, set up machine guns in the main area of the town and directed heavy fire against the raiders. His actions inflicted numerous casualties on Villa's Forces and caused them to retreat back into Mexico. Overnight the camp became a large military installation for protection from other raids and in preparation for a punitive expedition into Mexico to be led by General John J. Pershing, which gave Columbus the distinction of having the first Air force and tactical military airfield in the United States known as the 1st Aero Squadron. You can become a member too via the Columbus based non-profit First Aero Squadron Foundation. Visit for details.