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Rio Grande Heritage Farm
Albuquerque BioPark, 2601 Central Ave. NW Albuquerque, NM 87104
(505) 768-2000

The award-winning Rio Grande Heritage Farm, originally a re-creation of a 1920-1930's era farmstead, now also focuses on the farm-to-table production of food, family fun activities, and works to connect people to their food. Here you'll find a large kitchen garden, crops in the field, an orchard, vineyard and berry bushes surrounding an adobe farmhouse. Rug making, quilting and other demonstrations take place in the farmhouse and a cider press in the original barn turns much of the fall apple harvest into vinegar and cider. The farm houses a variety of domestic and wild animals which are used to visitors and provide the opportunity to get up close and personal. Programs for this year-round working farm include interpretive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, farmer's markets, harvest festivals, and family-centered farm activities.