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N. Main Street Roswell

In July 1947 something crashed in the desert between Corona and Roswell, New Mexico... and it was not part of a weather balloon. Visit Over 20 Sites connected to the Roswell UFO Incident: • See former homes of Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. and Lt. Walter Haut • Scenic Drive through of one of Roswell's Historical Districts • Roswell City Hall (Formerly Roswell Police Station in 1947) • Pioneer Plaza and former location of Roswell Daily Record • Roswell Daily Record newspaper current location • Former site of Sheriff Wilcox's Office and County Jail • Chaves County Administrative Center (site of St. Mary's Hospital) • Ballard Funeral Home (Mortician Glenn Dennis worked in 1947) • Tour the former Roswell Army Air Field (Roswell Industrial Park) • See 1947 Base Commander Colonel Blanchard's former home • Former site of the base Hospital, where Alien autopsies took place • See the original, WWII-era water tower across from Hangar 84 • Site of the former Roswell Army Airfield Fire Station • Flight Operations building (where craft debris was loaded) • World War II-Era Aircraft Hangar (currently designated Bldg. 84) where Alien bodies and craft were kept prior to being shipped to various research centers... Tour Cost: $100.00 includes transportation for up to 4 people (maximum)