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Sandia Soap Company
PO Box 67426 Albuquerque, NM 87193
(505) 228-6116

After nine months of testing in 1999 I poured my formula that created this long lasting bar with a loving lather and a beautiful silk texture.  The secret ingredients of my large SIX ounce soap bar is saponified palm kernel, palm, olive and soybean oils. 

I use essential and fragrance oils to scent my bars. Essential oils are “essential” for any handmade soap company. Fragrance oils add a wider spectrum to my line. Where would the world be without a good plum, watermelon, sandalwood, or papaya bar? .

I feel your eyes should be able to enjoy the experience as much as the nose. The soap rainbow would not be complete without the blues, reds, greens, black and yellows produced by cosmetic grade colorants. The browns and beige are created from cocoa powder.

In 2016 I created a new company with lotion and soap, both flavored with either Pinon, Cedar, or Lavender scents.  Check it out at WWW.TAOSPINONCOMPANY.COM

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