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Sandra Duran Wilson

I have lived in New Mexico or on the border of Mexico all of my life. My father was a doctor and my mother's relatives were artists. I grew up in both worlds.\n\nI am intrigued with the creative and inspirational possibilities science offers and equally so by the mysteries of the spirit. My background in science combined with my travels in Mexico and South America, and studies with shamans and healers have played key roles in shaping my reality. I have always been fascinated with alchemy, the process of transforming something common into something precious. As a result I make many of my own papers, paints, and encaustics using common elements, and employ the transformative processes of printmaking and collage. Mathematical formulas give rise to complex, dynamic images through the dream state and inspire transformative art. \n\nMy work is in corporate, private and civic collections, including the Santa Fe Civic Center. I teach workshops, lecture and am the co-author of "Image Transfer Workshop" by North Light publications.\nPlease visit my website or see my blog for show listings and workshop schedule \n