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Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

Santa Fe Vacation Rentals is a property management company providing unique, luxurious, and comfortable vacation rentals designed for the seasoned traveler visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over the years, our recommendations include American Express, Conde Nast and Andrew Harper's "Hideaway Report."\n\nStep out of your vacation rental home into the Santa Fe experience. Santa Fe, New Mexico has been voted in the top 10 favorite places to visit in major travel surveys for over 20 years. Our client base is "people in the know" who prefer more than just a hotel room and choose Santa Fe Vacation Rentals for their accommodations.\n\nMost of our properties are within walking distance of the historic Plaza and the legendary "Canyon Road" known for its world famous art galleries, eclectic shopping and award winning restaurants.\n\nWe look forward to the pleasure of your company with a property management company you can trust, Santa Fe Vacation Rentals.