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SolBee Honey Company - NMTC
33 Bisbee Court Santa Fe, NM 87508
North Central

Having a connection to nature and a zeal for the unknown led Brian at the age of fourteen to seek out an old-time beekeeper in his hometown, whose family had been renowned for their bee keeping sleight of hand for over one hundred years. It wasn’t long before Brian had developed a passion for keeping bees and enjoying the products derived from their hives. Brian’s soul had found peace working in the midst of millions of buzzing bees, each dedicating their life to the survival of the hive. In college, Hannah’s hobbies kept her busy, but one unique hobby had her hunting all corners of the world for the most exquisite taste, honey collecting. Wherever she would go, honey was always the choice to bring home from a good trip. When she met Brian, the brainstorming began. How can we incorporate the greatest tasting honey from all over the world with the freshest, most organic infusions to create an experience unlike any other? SolBee Company was born.