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Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gels
5951 Office Blvd. Albuquerque, NM NM

For centuries the native tribes of northern Mexico have been using plant extracts to relieve pain. With that knowledge and modern science, we've developed a unique formula by blending those plant extracts with safe active ingredients. The result - an elegant gel that provides temporary relief to minor aches and pains.\n\nSore No More is made from pure and natural ingredients without unhealthy solvents, diluting agents, preservatives, and is a cruelty free product.\n\nSore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gel is fast acting and begins to work immediately once it is massaged onto affected areas. For years Sore No More has provided temporary relief of pain associated with simple backaches, arthritis, bursitis, strains, bruises, and sprains with its unique heating and cooling ingredients.\n\nContrary to other analgesics sold on the market today, which are formulated with waxes, oils, artificial colors, paraben and other chemicals, we carefully selected these active ingredients for the safest results in this product, Sore No More is completely alcohol free, non-greasy, non-staining, and has a light refreshing citrus scent. Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gels are available in original WARM & New COOL therapy.