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Spanish Classes

At SPANISHABQ we specialize in teaching Spanish to mainly 4 types of students:\n\n1.Those who need to know Spanish for working reasons to communicate with the Hispanic population in the United States.The length of the classes varies from 12-60 hours depending on your needs. \nThe instructors go to your workplace. These classes are designed for small, medium, or large groups. You learn ONLY Spanish expressions used in your profession. \n You can apply your knowledge on your job right away. No Grammar involved. We use the Command Spanish method. \n\n2.Adults who want to learn Spanish or improve their knowledge one-on-one or in small groups (one person to a max. of 4 people).Everybody is at the same level. Beginning, intermediate, or advanced are welcome. This class is designed for people who want to travel, relocate to a Spanish-speaking country, or just want to be fluent in Spanish.\n\n3.Kids who need Spanish tutoring to improve their grades and understanding of the Spanish language.\n\n4.Students who want to improve their Spanish speaking skills. To participate in the class you must be at an intermediate level. These students attend an intermediate conversation group class with others at a similar level. Classes are taught every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12.