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Sukhmani Nob Hill
105 Amherst Dr. SE Albuquerque

Sukhmani combines the power of gemstones with the artistry of intentional design. More than beautiful adornment, our jewelry builds on the organic form and natural flow of meticulously selected stones to enhance the wearer’s well being, balance, clarity and spirituality. Sukhmani Signature designs are meant to inspire, uplift and revitalize. Sukhmani — Perfect Bliss. Sukhmani was founded in 2009 by the sister-brother team of Sat Bachan Anthony and Sat Gurumukh Khalsa. Sat Bachan Anthony effortlessly combines a mother’s kindness and compassion with the acumen and skills of a CEO. No easy feat in today’s world. Her commitment to community service drives her to succeed in the marketplace —creating wealth and prosperity in order to selflessly serve human kind. Sat Gurumukh Khalsa is passionate about jewelry and the power it has to transform the wearer. His eye for selecting the perfect stones combined with a talent