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sundance photography workshops

Sundance Photography Workshops provide exciting photographic adventures for small groups of photographers of all skill levels, using either film or digital cameras. Landscape photography in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah is our focus and specialty as is our classroom-based processing sessions. We (Paul Basile and Amadeus Leitner) developed Sundance Photography Workshops, LLC, as a means to share our passion for the art of photography by providing exceptional photographic experiences. In a nutshell, we offer incredible, comprehensive workshops that enhance your skills and open new doors to your creativity.\nWe have extensive knowledge of photography and its associated processes and will teach you techniques in the field and in the classroom that will enrich your experience, taking you "to the right place at the right time" for the best possible images. What's equally important is that we love teaching and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for the photographic image and process.\n\nSmall Group Sizes + Individual Attention + Supportive Learning Environment = Fun!!!\n\nWe limit our group sizes to no more than 10 participants, which means you will be in a small group of like minded photographers, getting the best out of a location and the most help from us. We believe that everyone is creative and capable of capturing fantastic images. Our workshops accommodate the needs of both beginning photographers and shooters with more experience with our individual attention extending to those who feel less confident in their abilities as well as photographers who are more experienced.\n\nWe also facilitate learning and fun in a highly collaborative working environment because we believe having a wonderful time is central to the creative process and, while we take photography very seriously, we also laugh"¦a lot! In our experience, much more is learned from collaboration and conversation among the group than any other learning model. As such, we'll all collaborate on individual skills improvement in an informal and friendly atmosphere. You are encouraged to identify and communicate your learning goals and to bring your own images with you for you and other participants to discuss and learn from. \n\n In essence, our focus is on providing the opportunities to photograph unique and exciting subjects, and to improve your skills and expand your creativity, enabling you to take and make incredible images and that will further your photographic interests for a lifetime!