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Sweet Santa Fe
8380 Cerrillos Rd. #414 Santa Fe, NM 87508
North Central
(505) 428-0012

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolates, Award Winning Candies, Locally Roasted Artisan Coffee, Ice Cream, Pastries & Baked Goods, Great & Affordable Sandwiches. Gifts you can Taste and Enjoy. Nominated for Best of Santa Fe 2019 - Best Artisan Chocolates.

Sweet Santa Fe is following a long time tradition of Chocolate Craft by Hand Crafting, Hand Rolling, and Hand Dipping our unique truffles. Did you know there are 13 individual steps to making a delicious Hand Dipped Chocolate Truffle? More than 20 available flavors at any given time and many more seasonal and special guest flavors. Our Fudges are also a special labor of love and made in hand crafted batches right on site from scratch. Chocolate has been a part of Santa Fe’s history for more than 400yrs. Sweet Santa Fe is a place you can enjoy the results of history, tradition, and old time trade craft. Please Join us and bring a Friend!

Located in the Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe (8380 Cerrillos Rd #414, Santa Fe, NM. 87507)

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