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Tecolote Cafe- CT
1616 Saint Michael's Dr Santa Fe
North Central

When Bill and Alice Jennison first opened Tecolote Cafe on June 2nd, 1980, they intended to serve the best breakfast in town, in a cheerful, at home atmosphere, and at a reasonable price. Now, three decades later, Katie ( who grew up in Tecolote learning cuisine from an early age at her fathers' knee) and husband Matt, still strive for these qualities in loving honor of Bill and Alice Jennison, their beloved Father and Mother. Whether you are greeted by our Owners or any of our experienced crew members, we guarantee that your experience will be enjoyable from start to finish. We are here to please you, so sit back, relax and enjoy your meal with our family. "Tecolote" is Nahuatl (Aztec Indian) for "owl". Actually, Bill named the cafe after the town, and not the bird. When Bill first moved to Northern New Mexico, he was enchanted by the all-but-deserted village along the railroad tracks about ten miles south of Las Vegas, NM. The owl has represented different things to different people over the millennia. Almost every culture has used the owl in its myths and legends. The owl has been both feared the revered, and even worshiped as a God. Ancient Athenians called him the bird of wisdom. We think owls are beautiful, and we think you will make a wise choice if you join us for breakfast or lunch. Bill's passion still lives on in the food as we continue to retain the legacy that he has built over the past 30 years. We will always remember you, Mr. Bill.