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The Wool Shed @ Maple Winds Farm
150 Prairiewoodlane, End of the Lane Stanley, NM 87056
North Central

The Wool Shed is on our  farm & residence. We raise Rambouillet & Tunis fine wool sheep. Angora rabbits & related fiber animals. Our fiber is available in sheets & rounds or rovings for Spinners, felters & crafters, (cleaned ,carded). All Wool used in my  Hand Spun Yarns, & finished woven or knitter items is raised here.

 I take great pride when making a "Simply woven" items, hand spun Wool, and blends of wool ..

The Yarns are hand spun yarns by me. I can also custom spin for any project, using your fiber.  All Dyed here on site  hand done by myself. These have been very popular with knitters and weavers. I have a few woven items such as Throws, scarfs. Shawls are all woven, & vary in thickness, colors, shapes. Check the web site,.

See the Events page at  to locate on going annula events here and around New Mexico.

 We are a hands on Farm, and our Wool Shed area is usually open. But you need to Call , TEXT ahead if you want to come by. Look up Maple Winds Farm on Google maps. Again, As this is a farm with animals and guard dogs, please do not bring your pets. I'll put the coffee on!