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Three Ravens Coffee House
15 SR 531 Tierra Amarilla
North Central

Today, Three Ravens has become a destination not only for locals, but for anyone passing through the area, for the very reasons Paul described. Specialties of the house include great coffee from PT Roasters in Topeka, Kansas, voted “Roaster of the Year” in 2010. Paul buys fresh roasted beans and tries to use them up within 30 days of roasting. His panini sandwiches and salads are made fresh daily, and baked goods are from the Chocolate Maven in Santa Fe. Soon, he’ll be adding Udon noodles, a dish he remembers from his school days in Japan, and most recently his private training in LA with a Japanese Chef. When asked if he really thinks local people will like noodle dishes, Paul replies, “Japanese noodle dishes, made by a Korean, in a mountain village of northern New Mexico is a combination that can’t fail – good food is good food!” He enjoys making and selling things that no one else around does – and two kinds of spicy Korean dishes will also be added soon.