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Uptown Herbs
2101 Valencia Dr NE Albuquerque, NM 87110

Our grower started gardening when she was 2 years old. From this early introduction into working with plants and the land, she was instilled with the belief that it was our responsibility to protect the environment while receiving the abundance it provides. She has always farmed organically and is developing a Permaculture Urban Food Forest at our property, which is adjacent to one of Albuquerque's urban centers. Permaculture is an agricultural and social design system that uses patterns found in nature to deliberately design and manage a sustainable system. the founders of permaculture have set forth twelve principles to guide the development of a permaculture. We have used those principles with our knowledge and experience into a sustainable urban landscape. There are many reasons for planting a specific plant in a yard. Some plants bring nutrients from deep in the soil or fix nitrogen from the air, making the soil more fertile. Others produce masses or organic material that improve the tilth of the soli when composted. Plants provide food for people or animals, attract pollinators or beneficial insects or repel pests. Still other purify the air, are fragrant or add beauty to our homes or yards. Most plants fulfill more than one purpose. Our herbs and flowers are know for their freshness and quality.