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Here are our 2012 priority campaigns:   Ending Public Lands Trapping in New Mexico In 2011, New Mexicans generated over 12,000 comments to the Department of Game and Fish that requested a trap ban on public lands. Yet, the New Mexico Game Commission ignored this appeal... This month WildEarth Guardians will be participating in “The Troubles with Trapping” roadshow in New Mexico to gain further public support to get public lands traps banned. Wolves in the American West WildEarth Guardians continues to advocate for wolves. Last April, Congress eliminated federal protection for wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Hunting in Idaho and Montana has resulted in over 500 wolves killed this winter alone – yet, less than 1,300 wolves live in those two states. We took our case to overturn the delisting of the gray wolf all the way to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and unfortunately did not win. Guardians will continue to be the leader for more robust wolf protections. Public Lands Advocacy WildEarth Guardians has been working since the mid-90’s to reduce livestock grazing on public lands. In 1999, we became a founding member of the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign that seeks to institute a voluntary federal grazing permit retirement program. Power Past Coal In 2012 we’ve intensified our commitment to halt or slow down the Interior Department’s efforts to massively expand coal mining in the Powder River Basin, where nearly half of our Nation’s coal is mined.