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Zeb’s Restaurant & Bar
3431 Mountain View Blvd Angel Fire, NM 87710
North Central
(575) 377-6358

Restaurant in Angel Fire, NM

Whether you are someone who barely knows how to work an oven or someone who only eats out on special occasions, everyone needs a go-to spot that they can rely on for great food, quality service and a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. For many, that restaurant in Angel Fire, NM is Zeb’s Restaurant & Bar. For over six years now, we have been pleasing customers with our broad range of delicious menu items, as well as our respectful service and fully stocked bar. We always enjoy greeting new and longtime customers, and look forward to welcoming you into our establishment.

Zeb’s Restaurant & Bar specializes in top quality steak and burgers, and also offers Mexican food, barbecue, seafood and so much more. We operate the best restaurant bar in Angel Fire, NM, and are happy to also provide kids’ menus for families who dine with us. We have multiple HD TVs set up to watch live sports events, and welcome groups as small as one or two and as large as 15 or 30 people. If you are tired of restaurants in Angel Fire, NM that are too niche or do not offer a family friendly vibe, we hope you will come check out Zeb’s Restaurant & Bar soon. Here are a few reasons why you should:

  • We offer a wide range of menu items, including seafood, barbecue and much more.
  • Our bar is fully stocked with quality beverages.
  • We strive to provide a friendly and comfortable experience for everyone who dines with us.
  • Our HD TVs and ample seating make us ideal for groups of all sizes.
  • We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.