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Acoma Street with ladders

Acoma Pueblo

Acoma Pueblo is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States. Access to the Pueblo is difficult as the faces of the mesa are sheer. Before modern times access was gained only by means of a hand-cut staircase carved into the sandstone.

There are several interpretations of origin of the name "Acoma". Some believe that the name Acoma comes from the Keresan words for the People of the White Rock, with aa'ku meaning white rock, and meh meaning people. Others believe that the word aa'ku actually comes from the word haaku meaning to prepare; a description that would accurately reflect the defensive position of the mesa's inhabitants.

Today, fewer than 50 Tribal members live year-round in the earthen homes of Sky City. Those living in the community tend to the massive San Estévan del Rey Mission, completed in 1640. Both the mission and Pueblo have been designated as a Registered National Historical Landmarks.  Nearly 3,000 additional Tribal members live in the nearby villages of Acomita, McCarty’s and Anzac.

The Sky City Cultural Center provides a grounding in all things Acoma.

Native Acoma guides conduct tours of Sky City.

The beautiful Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum offer more insight on Acoma's living history and culture. The Haak’u Museum exhibits some of the most stunning Pueblo pottery and Southwest Indian art created by renowned Native American artists. Permanent exhibits in the main hall take visitors on a historical journey of Acoma Pueblo, while special exhibits display Indian artifacts and historical Native American pottery. In the Ts’ikinum’a Theater, visitors can experience Acoma’s history and culture through intriguing videos. Potters still craft the Pueblo’s distinctive and highly sought-after thin-walled pottery, which is available throughout the Pueblo. The Yaak’a (corn) Café serves native Acoman and contemporary American fare. Please call (800) 747-0181 to confirm hours and days or to make group reservations.

Acoma Sky City


Make your visit to Acoma Pueblo a weekend getaway. Play at the Sky City Casino, refuel and revive yourself at Huwak’a Restaurant or the Sky City Travel Center. Make your getaway complete with a stay at the Sky City Casino Hotel (888) 759-2489.

The Sky City RV Park is one of the Tribe's newest businesses. The state-of-the-art RV Park is located on Interstate 40, exit 102, alongside of historic Route 66. RVers are able to drive though and experience true American and Native history, as Cibola County is where you will find the Acoma Pueblo and the longest uninterrupted stretch of Route 66 in New Mexico.

The Sky City RV Park caters to the class ‘A’ RV’s; all of the 42 oversized spaces are designed for convenience for large motorhomes towing other vehicles. Amenities include 100% hook-ups for electricity, water, free wi-fi: waste dump stations, and a clubhouse (within walking distance) with whirlpool spa, meeting spaces, showers, laundry facilities, convenience store, information booth and outdoor BBQ and patio with views of beautiful Mt. Taylor. Call 1-888-SKY-CITY for reservations.