Trees changing color along a river in New Mexico


Trip Guide: Pecos

Ancient ways meet outdoor fun in the rugged beauty
of Pecos.


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The Sangre de Cristo Mountains rise above the village of Pecos. Trout streams, top-flight birding ops, peaceful campgrounds, and high-country hikes abound. Ancestral Puebloans built a home here, and later, Spanish priests did as well.

Ruins from both populations stand today as Pecos National Historical Park, where visitors can climb down into a ceremonial kiva for moments of quiet contemplation.

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Above: TK. Photograph courtesy of the Pecos Business Association.

Nearby, the Pecos Wilderness combines deep canyons with mesas, forests, and rugged ridges.

Fly-fishers revel in the challenge of the sport amid the beauty of the surroundings. Birdwatchers notch new wins on their life lists, including rarely seen species. Rent a cabin or pick a site at the Panchuela Campground, then hit the Cave Creek Trail for stunning vistas in the high mountains.

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