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Going Home

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Joe Lewis

Above: Joe Lewis gazes at Laguna Pueblo with his best friend, Junior the border collie. JOE LEWIS...

Higher Ground

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Pauline Ungnade prepares family dinner during an early-fifties camping trip in the Pecos Mountains

OF COURSE HIS FEET  found the mountains. Striding into the Jémez backcountry, Herbert...

Commune to Community

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Volkswagen vans converge at a 1970 summer solstice celebration

Above: Volkswagen vans converge at a 1970 summer solstice celebration. Photography Courtesy Museum...

The Reluctant Caveman

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Doug Thompson in Carlsbad Caverns

In 1995, Doug Thompson, a veteran National Park Service ranger, began a six-year stint at Carlsbad...

Oddly Enough

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Artist Jim Vogel

I WAS BORN IN  Roswell in 1964, the 11th of 12 children—eight girls and four boys. We...