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Thank You for Your Donation to Subscriptions for Students.

Thank you for your support of the New Mexico Magazine Subscriptions for Students program. Proceeds will benefit New Mexico students, and help the team and the Tourism Department fulfill the mission of boosting state knowledge and pride. 

For more information or to explore other options for sponsorship (e.g., foundation grants, corporate partnership, multiple classes or entire schools or districts, recurring donations, etc.) please contact Kurt Coey at or (505) 827-6387.

Finally, feel free to share news of this program with friends and family members who love New Mexico as you do. We have a long waiting list of classrooms standing by to receive their copies.

With deep gratitude,

All of us at New Mexico Magazine


“The images were the initial grab to get the students’ attention, but what I’ve found is that the articles they are reading in the magazine can be so easily tied into our curriculum and standards. I am so grateful to New Mexico Magazine for providing each of my students with a monthly subscription! The magazine is influencing their lives and has added a new level to my teaching.” —Rachel Dennis, Jackson Middle School

"I want to let you know how much my students and I have appreciated the free subscriptions of New Mexico Magazine. Every time my students look at one of the magazines, they get so excited and can't believe we have so many wonderful places here in NM. Most of them have never had the chance to travel to any of these places, so this is a wonderful opportunity for them to see our beautiful state! 

I am so thankful that we have had them this year and I hope we will continue to get them next year!"  —Louise Ayers, Tucumcari Middle School