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Soaking it all in at Montezuma Hot Springs



Whether it’s sunny, raining, or snowing, and regardless of how old you are,
Montezuma Hot Springs is a place to soak it all in.

THERE’S SOMETHING TO be said about a collection of hot spring pools next to a crystal clear river, about 300 feet from the road, and totally free. Among Las Vegas locals what you typically hear is, “Shush …don’t tell anyone about this; it’s our little secret.” But the secret is out. Even in a state such as New Mexico that has a bevy of hot springs, those at Montezuma are conspicuous.

There’s nothing fancy about these hot springs. This place is an authentic, no fluff, no froufrou, true New Mexico attraction. Visitors park on the side of the road, walk toward the sound of the Gallinas River, slip into the clean concrete-lined pools, and feel the minerals begin workingto destress. Soakers often try the uppermost pool, but at 115 degrees, most usually migrate to the lower two. The bravest will plunge into the river as well, for a bracing reminder of reality.

These hot springs also stand out for the quality of friendly conversation visitors are likely to have. Locals, and those just passing through, often find ample opportunity in the intimate space to not only marvel at the surroundings but also to swap stories and check in on what to visit next in Las Vegas. Even in winter.

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