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Las Vegas 2018 Travel Planner

Since 1835, Las Vegas has been a cultural force in northern New Mexico. And there is no better time to visit than this summer. Our hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions, long history, and fantastic location promise an unforgettable time.



B-3, 131 Bridge St. (505) 425-2975; Come taste the juicy history of Las Vegas in the Billy the Kid and Cowboy BBQ burgers at B-3.

Dick’s Pub and Restaurant, 705 Douglas Ave. (505) 425-8261; Come have a Las Vegas themed cocktail at Dick’s Pub and Restaurant. Cocktail list includes the Meadow City Mule, Doc Holiday’s Dog and Billy the Kid’s Berry Splash, along with many more.

Ulibarri Farms Candy Shoppe,161 Bridge St. (505) 425-3123; Take home Damn Authentic green chili pecan brittle, red chili peanut brittle and biscochito brittle, along with our famous 1835 Special.

There's more: click here for a full list of places to eat in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.


Historic Plaza Hotel, 230 Plaza Park. (505) 425-3591; [ONE SENTENCE DESC]. The Trinity building was built in 1892 as the First National Bank, where it once housed the first newspaper and later became the historic headquarters of the Carlsbad Irrigation District.

The Historic El Fidel Hotel, 500 Douglas Ave. (505) 425-6761; Vintage, charming, and filled with lots of local lore, the El Fidel continues to inspire its visitors and serve as a comfortable base for exploring Las Vegas.

Thunderbird Lodge, 400 S Grand Ave. (505) 123-4563; a reliable standby for the budget conscious visitor features wifi everywhere and comfortable sitting areas in some rooms.

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Las Vegas Museum and Rough Rider Collection,727 Grand Ave. (505) 454-1401: There's a fascinating story that awaits you at the City of Las Vegas Museum and Rough Rider Memorial Collection, and one you don't want to miss.

Dwan Light Sanctuary Public Art Space, Forest 263 Rd. (505) 454-4221; Among this area’s many treasures, one jewel shines unlike any other. It’s the Dwan Light Sanctuary, located just outside of Las Vegas.

Sabinoso Wilderness, 35.63243833 / -104.4957839 (Road impassable when wet; please leave gates as you find them). (575) 758-8851; Designated a wilderness area by Congress in 2009, the Sabinoso Wilderness is 19,000 acres of remote beauty.

There's so much more: click here for a fuller list of ways to play in Las Vegas.

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