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New Mexico True welcomes the student teams participating in the 3rd Annual Spaceport America Cup! New Mexico has played a major role in the understanding and exploration of space. From ancient Native American observatories at Chaco Canyon to modern day facilities such as the Very Large Array astronomical radio observatory, New Mexico’s clear skies and high altitudes have provided an ideal location to study the skies. Robert Goddard and Wernher von Braun’s experimental rocketry, NASA’s testing and space missions, and more recently Spaceport America, have all prospered in New Mexico’s open space and low population. We know how hard you have worked to get here and hope that you’ll take a little extra time to explore New Mexico before or after the competition. 

Download a printable list of activities. [HERE]

(Written in partnership with NM Art Museum)

Activities, Attractions & Events 

Breakfast Burrito

1. Rise and Shine

It’s hard to beat a good breakfast burrito, and New Mexicans have been perfecting this classic Southwestern staple for decades. Spice up your morning with the king of breakfast foods at one of the numerous locations on our Breakfast Burrito Byway.

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Taos Pueblo

2. Dive Into Culture

New Mexico is rich with more than 1,000 years of Native American culture – 23 pueblos, tribes, and nations, each with distinct stories, art, food, and living traditions. We’re also home to five of USA Today’s 10 Best Native American Experiences.

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Dark Slies

3. Capture the Cosmos

With low light pollution and open skies, you can see stars for miles on the New Mexico Dark Skies Trail. We’re home to five International Dark Sky Locations and some of the best stargazing opportunities on Earth.

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White Sands Family

4. Plan a New Mexican Beach Day

Spend a day exploring the magnificence of White Sands National Monument, the world’s largest gypsum dune-field. Our advice? Grab a toboggan and go “sledding.”

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Ojo Caliente

5. Kick Back and Relax

Relax the New Mexico True way with spa treatments that use locally sourced ingredients and are inspired by the culture and landscapes of the Land of Enchantment.

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6. Get a Taste of New Mexico

Many locally owned restaurants hold culinary treasures and have been around for decades. But be careful: Things can get heated here!

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New Mexico Museum of Space History

7. Discover Treasures Along the Science & Technology Trail

From the birthplace of the atomic bomb to 60-foot radio astronomy dishes in search for life in the universe, New Mexico has a long history of scientific and technological advancements. Visit world-class museums and sites along our Science and Technology Trail.

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Adventurers and explorers, welcome to the Southwest’s best outdoor recreation.

8. Take a Hike

Discover state parks that are often under the radar or unknown to the public.

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If you’re looking to stay close to Las Cruces, check out the nearby Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

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Green Chile Cheeseburger

9. Chow Down on a Green Chile Cheeseburger

In New Mexico, we prefer our burgers covered in cheese and smothered in green chile. Check out our Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail and enjoy one of these New Mexican classics for yourself.

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A lone building is all that remains of Ancho

10. Uncover a New Mexican Ghost Town

Once flourishing mining towns and farming communities, these ghost towns fell from glory and mysteriously fell silent. But for more venturesome travelers, some of New Mexico’s ghost towns are just waiting to be explored.

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Want to narrow down your search close to Las Cruces? Check out historic Mesilla – though not a ghost town, it’s living history.

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Flamenco Festival

11. Festivals and Fun

Whether you’re a music-lover, shopper, foodie, or everything in between, New Mexico has an event for you.

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Looking for something closer? Check out what’s happening in Las Cruces, near Spaceport America

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Elephant Butte Lake Jet Boater

12. Take a Dip

Cool down at a nearby lake or river in Sierra County all while having fun boating, fishing, kayaking, and more.

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Ale trail

13. Raise a Glass on the Ale Trail

In New Mexico you can drink great local beer just about anywhere you visit. Las Cruces is home to 5 breweries and taprooms serving up New Mexico-brewed beers.

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3 Days in Truth or Consequences: How to Have the Perfect Long Weekend Getaway

14. Visit Truth or Consequences

25 miles north of Spaceport America is Truth or Consequences — the town that changed its name on a dare. Still one of America’s most affordable spa towns, relax at a local hot spring or spa or take a stroll through town and discover local shops and restaurants.

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Las Cruces

15. Learn Something New

From art and railroads to science and chile peppers, Las Cruces is home to a wide array of museums worth exploring. Beat the summer heat and explore Las Cruces’ exciting history and rich local culture.

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