“...When the Joad’s cross into “Arizona” in The Grapes of Wrath, Pyramid Rock in Gallup NM is clearly visible in the background. ”


The impressive edifice of the Shiprock formation rises 1,583’ from the high desert plains. It has appeared in diverse films such as TransformersNatural Born Killers, and The Hallelujah Trail
Transformers the Movie AND Natural Born Killers AND The Hallelujah Trail

Bisti Badlands

One of the most unusual landscapes in New Mexico, The Bisti Badlands played another planet in Star Gate Universe: Malice
Star Gate Universe: Malice


Though technically The Rockies end near Santa Fe, Red Rock was also the stetting for Rocky Mountain with Errol Flynn and Slim Pickens. 
Rocky Mountain

Stunning Red Rock Park hosted many westerns through the years, including Only the Valiant starring Gregory Peck and Ward Bond. 
Only the Valiant

When the Joad’s cross into “Arizona” in The Grapes of Wrath, Pyramid Rock in Gallup NM is clearly visible in the background. 
The Grapes of Wrath

Zuni Pueblo

The film Dark Blood shot some scenes at Zuni Pueblo. The film was never released due to the death of its star, River Phoenix, during production. 
Dark Blood


The volcanic plug Cabezon Peak is visible for miles in this area. It also has appeared in My Name is Nobody and the TV show Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Acoma Sky City

Acoma Sky City sits atop a spectacular 367’ high mesa as a protection for its inhabitants. In 1929 the film Red Skin asked permission to build a road to the top. It is still the only existing road to the reach the pueblo today!


Film Locations in Northwestern New Mexico:

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Northwestern New Mexico Film Trail