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David and Juan Certain grew up in Columbia, spending much of their time in the fields of their grandfather’s coffee plantation, Villa Myriam. Their grandfather imparted the love and care that goes into making great coffee, treating employees fairly, and taking care of the land that sustains them. “When we moved to Albuquerque in 1999,” says David, “we looked for a way to bring that coffee over here. We ended up importing it directly from the plantation, and roasting here.” Their Villa Myriam Specialty Coffeemaintains those high standards: it is Rainforest Alliance-certified and is made without pesticides or chemicals. You can enjoy a cup as you watch David roasting thebeans at 2420 Midtown Place NE and meet Juan at The Brew, their new coffee shop at 311 Gold St. The beans also are sold in many local stores and online, and a monthly subscription service is planned so you never have to run out of that good Columbian caffeine.; (800) 609-0250.

BEANS, BITTERS, AND BEESWhile tending bar in Santa Fe, newbie bartender Bill York became intrigued with using bitters to flavor his cocktails. “I started playing around and developing my own recipes, and discovered a formula that was different than anything out there,” he says. Super-concentrated, intensely flavored, The Bitter End bitters come in unconventional flavors, each with a kick: Chesapeake Bay, Curry, Jamaican Jerk, Memphis BBQ, Mexican Mole, Moroccan, and Thai. Bill uses ingredients such as fresh and dried spices, herbs, fruits, chiles, and other aromatic botanicals, and each batch is mixed, infused, and dispensed by hand. The Bitter End bitters are sold worldwide and online (where you can also find recipes); locally, you can find them at Susan’s Fine Wine & Spirits in Santa Fe.

Taos beekeeper Jason Goodhue feels called to his profession as “a steward of the bees and the land.” The owner of Taos Valley Honey is dedicated to the community, sustainability, and the maintenance of happy, healthy, genetically diverse bees to pollinate crops. His delicious honey reflects his understanding of his bees’ well-being: “I can tell by the smell of the hive how they are doing,” he says. “It’s different at different times of the year.” You can find the by-product of Jason’s contented bees at Cid’s Food Market, the Taos Pharmacy, and the Taos Farmers’; (575) 770-5953.
For information on additional New Mexico-made products, visit, an organization that supports family food businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state.