The green chile cheeseburger has been a staple on menus around the state since at least the middle of the last century. Many lay claim to its invention, but the fiery burger’s early popularization definitely was fueled by decades-old burger hotspots like The Owl Café in San Antonio, Burt’s Burger Bowl in Santa Fe, and Blake’s Lotaburger’s original Albuquerque location. People cook an occasional green chile cheeseburger at home, especially when grilling, but—arguably—it’s best savored when you’re out and about the Land of Enchantment. Now you can find the beloved burger on many of the state’s most upscale menus too. We even have a statewide Governor’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge, held during the New Mexico State Fair.

A search for all might take an intrepid diner too many years and a few too many calories to find. So we’ve made it easy, by listing as many as possible of the state’s outstanding green chile cheeseburger restaurants, cafes, drive-ins and joints. This was tough. We asked New Mexico residents, visitors, other restaurateurs, reviewers, critics, people in every corner of the state, and of course included the winner of the Governor’s burger challenge.

Still, you’re sure to find places we missed. We don’t want you to miss anything yourself, so always call ahead or check the establishment’s website to confirm details before going out of your way. We update periodically, but facts can change.

Buen provecho!