Experience New Mexico's Vibrant Native Communities and Cultures

From northwest to southeast and just about everywhere in between, New Mexico’s Native presence is palpable. 

It’s a presence that dates back more than two millennia, when early ancestral tribes lived as hunter-gatherers throughout the Southwest. More than 1,000 years ago, some of these groups joined together to establish permanent settlements, commonly known as pueblos. It’s a way of life that continues to this very day among New Mexico’s 23 pueblos, tribes, and nations. And one that you can experience when visiting the many Native communities that welcome respectful guests into their sovereign nations. Explore New Mexico’s pueblos, tribes, and nations for more information and history.

While some Native communities have reopened their casinos, rest stops, recreation areas, and other sites to the public; the communities themselves may remain closed due to COVID-19. 

Please call ahead before visiting any community for specific information regarding their COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

Visit THIS PAGE for more information regarding travel advisories.


Native American Communities in New Mexico



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