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Winter is a time for nesting. Even in New Mexico, where the sun shines nearly every day of the year, mornings can be crisp and evenings long and dark. That's what crackling fires, soft blankets, hot beverages, and good books are for. Our community of growers and makers includes people who hand-craft products that make a house the comfortable, beautiful, embracing space a home should be. This edition's Partner Stories features Big Sage, its owner is a man who learned how to weave heritage wool into Navajo or Diné designs and Dapwood; and Dapwood Furniture, a "B Corp" or Benefit Corporation whose sustainable practices ensure rich hardwood creations without sacrificing the health of people or planet; as well as BeeLuminous Taos where Robyn O'Boyle hand-crafts 100% natural, locally-sourced beeswax candles to enhance your home environment. With the recipe below, you can make your own or simply embellish ones like Robyn's with herbs and scents. Ultimately, nothing says, "welcome" like the aromas of culinary delights. Light the stove and read about making the Native delights of chef, educator, and author Freddie J. Bitsoie. So, stoke the fire, simmer the stew, curl up, and relax. 

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