Mornings Can Be Chile!

Are You Getting Hungry? Get on the Trail

The True Outdoors

If there's an outside activity and you like doing it, you can do it here in abundance. See More

The Art of New Mexico

It’s almost as if New Mexico is a work of art in itself. See More

The Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail

Savor the Flavor See More

True New Mexico Culture

Some of the New Mexico’s most unique events involve its undeniable culture. See More

New Mexico Holds Adventure for the Entire Family

When you plan your trip to New Mexico, you can count on plenty of adventures for the whole family. See More

New Mexico's True History

Few places on earth offer the rich history and blend of cultures you’ll find in New Mexico. See More

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New Mexico True Television

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Michael's Blog

With so much to see and do in New Mexico, it’s hard to decide where to begin your trip. Come along with our host, Michael Newman, as he explores the state’s most memorable destinations (and meets a few interesting characters along the way).

Michael's True Travels

New Mexico True Adventures Things to Do & Places to See

Bird Watching Adventures

Birding in the Gila Wilderness

Southwest New Mexico has a reputation for being a bit of birders’ paradise! The lush riparian river valleys, scenic mountains and canyons, and the surrounding lands of the Gila National Forest attract over 300 species.

101 Things to do in New Mexico Right Now!

Visit New Mexico

We asked our Facebook fans to help their fellow travelers out by listing their favorite sites, attractions, restaurants, places to shop, etc...

Camping & Hiking

Visit the Great Outdoors

Federal and state lands offer an abundance of public hiking trails and campgrounds, and several Native American reservations and pueblos permit camping, hiking, hunting and fishing


The boys of New Mexico's Summer and more to do and hear. New Mexico Magazine


To the Rescue

Saving Damsels is the soundtrack of J. J. Otero’s own rock’n’roll salvation.


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