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It's Time to Plan Your Getaway New Mexico True Events


The New Mexico Tourism Department is partnering with EXPO New Mexico for the first-ever New Mexico True Fest, a showcase for authentic New Mexico products, food and entertainment, on Labor Day weekend, September 3-4.


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New Mexico is a haven for the unexpected. A place for those who seek to follow their own path. It’s an attitude. A way of life. It’s adventure in its truest form – from culture to art to cuisine and everything in between – just waiting for you to seize it.

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10 Ultimate NM Hikes Get on the Road to Adventure

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A New Mexico True Cultural Experience Explore Native America

Pueblos, Tribes, Nations, Museums & Historic Sites

Ancient Roots, Vibrant Cultures

Today’s Native American communities share their culture with visitors through tours of ancestral sites; ceremonial dances, feast days, and powwows; vibrant visual art, including painting, weaving, pottery and jewelry.


Southwest Special New Mexico's True Cuisine

Satisfy Your Taste for Adventure

Rooted in Native American and old-world flavors, New Mexico’s culinary treasures are a result of centuries of cultural tradition enlivened with the occasional modern twist. Pack an appetite – the most distinctive cuisine in the Southwest awaits.

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Through the Gila and Into the Mesilla

Southern New Mexico has gems for travelers that are both of the hidden and the highlighted sort. And you can be as active and adventurous as you choose, climbing or riding...or relaxing and watching as natural wonders surround you. This is a collection of some of the favorites the True TV Crew found as they explored southeastern and south central New Mexico.

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The Original State Travel Magazine New Mexico Magazine


The Hippie and the Hopi

Eveli Sabatie was road-tripping from San Francisco when master jeweler Charles Loloma took her on as an apprentice. Together they would reimagine what Southwestern jewelry could be. Ellen Berkovitch has the story.


Old Man River

A legendary fly-fishing guide faces down the years in the waters that have been his salvation. John Muller wades in and tells the story.


Shake, Rattle & Hum

With big summer festivals, concerts by national headliners, and a vibrant local scene, Taos is making noise as music town.