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New Mexico is a haven for the unexpected. A place for those who seek to follow their own path. Here, every true adventure feeds the soul.

We are all travelers. We seek what is true and we push past what we know to be false. The question is: where do we go? What place is true and good and real? Where is the place that will speak to us, crystal clear, in a voice that is familiar and kind? Where is true found…and false forgotten? Where?

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This is your guide to New Mexico's twenty-two American Indian Tribes, events and activities. Explore New Mexico's pueblos, tribes and nations for more information and history. 

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The New Mexico Magazine reliably serves as an avenue for discovery, tapping into that same adventurous spirit that has inspired and driven a long line of diverse explorers throughout the state's vast history. No other publication brings to life our distinct culture, people, landscape, food, art music and events with the same depth and vibrancy.

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What's your idea of adventure? From hot air ballooning high in the turquoise sky to shopping for the perfect turquoise necklace, you will find what calls to you here. Stand on the plaza of a thousand year old Native American Pueblo. Sit down with friends and family and share delicious, red and green chile-filled New Mexican cuisine. Experience an unparalleled array of art: Indian, Spanish Colonial, Folk, Contemporary and more. Plan your trip now and prepare for your adventure that feeds the soul.