Billy The Kid Museum in Fort Sumner

Who hasn't heard the legend of Billy The Kid? There are great tales of gunfights and outlaw heroics that carry on through history. You've heard the stories, now learn the truth about Billy the Kid, at the best privately owned museum in the southwest: The Billy The Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, New Mexico!

At the Billy the Kid Museum, history comes to life! The usual list of dates and places is replaced with actual artifacts of the Wild West. History is about people; who they were, how they lived, and in some cases, how they died. The best-known figure is Billy the Kid. We have his rifle, chaps and spurs, the original Wanted poster, and even locks of his hair. Was he really as bad as the stories would lead you to believe? You can decide that for yourself after you've seen our display.

Our other displays include the military cavalry sword of John Chisum, more than 150 firearms of varying ages, and antique automobiles ranging from 1941 fire trucks, Model Ts, and Model As to 1956 classic cars.

You CAN enjoy history! It's all waiting for you at the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, New Mexico!

An exerpt from the book: “Billy The Kid: The Endless Ride”, by Michael Wallis.

“That a young man known as Billy the Kid ever existed is an indisputable fact. His name is about all that anyone can ever agree upon when it comes to the telling of his story. It was not a name he sought for himself but one that was ascribed to him late in the final year of his brief twenty-one -year life by newspaper reporters and dime novelists. It also was the name that stuck. What were, in fact, his true given name and surname remain a mystery, like so much else about Billy.

What is astonishing for any potential biographer is to realize that there is no agreement about Billy's parentage ancestry, his place of birth, and even the date and place of his death. No one can say with certainty when he came into this world, for his actual birth date remains open to debate. Although most historians concur that he was shot and killed by Pat Garrett in the New Mexico Territory on July 14th 1881, there have always been those who cannot agree on the facts of his demise.”

At the Billy The Kid Museum in Fort Sumner New Mexico, we firmly believe that he was in fact shot and Killed by Pat Garrett on July 14 1881 in the Maxwell House which was located 1/4 west of Billy the Kid’s grave site.

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